…to increase and diffuse the knowledge and appreciation of the history of Mohave County, Arizona, and its early settlers and inhabitants; to maintain a museum in the City of Kingman, Arizona; to collect and preserve objects of historical and scientific interest; to protect historical and prehistoric sites, works of art and scenic places from needless destruction; and to provide facilities for research and publication. (From Articles of Incorporation, October 13, 1960)

Mission Statement

Through operation of museum and archival facilities, to collect, preserve and protect Mohave County’s cultural and historic heritage, including historic and prehistoric sites, for public enjoyment, education and professional research.

(Adopted January 15, 2004)


Shannon Rossiter, Director

Leah Stagg, Curator

Vicky Markee, Office Manager

Andrew Campanuolo, Bonelli House Mgr.

Barbara Merritt, Research Librarian

Cindy Morland, Gift Shop Manager

Page McDonald

Mary Miner

T. R. Srigley


Board of Directors

Jennifer Chambers

Karen Collins

Mike Dom

Bill Ekstrom

Ryan Esplin

Sandi Fellows

Marilyn Glancy

James Laverty

Judy Olney

Tom Saluzzo

Brandon Turner

Tommie Upton, DMCP

Bill Wales, President

Robert Ballard, Vice President

Sue Snell, Secretary

Phyllis Eaton, Treasurer